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Estes Park Hotel

Electrostatic Spray in Estes Park Hotel Rooms

Sanitization using Electrostatic Spray Technology


The great thing about cleaning with electrostatic spray technology at our hotel rooms in Estes Park is the ability to sanitize without missing anything. How do you check something you can't see? Electrostatically charged particles emitted from our special sprayers are attracted to all surfaces and will cling to them on all sides. By using this method to sanitize our hotel, we are ensuring all contact surfaces in our rooms, lobby, public amenities and areas are safe, with no trace of the virus (or any other virus for that matter) or residue of any kind. We even use electrostatic spray at our Estes Park hotel to sanitize our basketballs, horseshoes, corn hole, shuffle board, gates, doors, pens and of course the remote in your room along with just about everything else. Spray technology allows us to do this effectively, efficiently and safely!

This method is used in addition to the cleaning done by hand, sanitation procedures we have become renowned for (please see our Tripadvisor reviews ranking us 2nd in customer satisfaction out of all hotels, motels, inns and lodges in Estes Park!). After we complete our thorough process by hand we then utilize the electrostatic sprayer to sanitize not only all the hard surface areas but help clean the air at the same time. Spray sanitation of our hotel rooms and our public areas prevents any single area from accidentally being 'missed' - it guarantees a thorough disinfection in addition to the cleaning we employ each and every time. We build peace of mind for all our guests one room at a time!

The hospital grade disinfectant we use will kill all viruses in 10 minutes of contact time. After the fine mist evaporates there is absolutely no residue or odor! Furthermore, using the EPA approved viricide at the diluted levels we utilize (320:1) ensures that the application of this electrostatic spray technology at our Estes Park hotel is completely safe for our employees as well. Read more about this food grade, remarkable disinfectant here: Safe enough to wash produce! No residue and no odor!

Air exchange is another aspect of our sanitization process. After spraying we open the windows in the front and back of our rooms and employ our commercial HEPA filtering machines ensuring several air exchanges and all air that remains has been filtered prior to your visit. When you stay, you can breathe safely, can touch any surface in your room and enjoy our public areas with confidence.

Safe-Cation with Us

When you are looking for a properly sanitized hotel room with electrostatic spray in Estes Park during these virus sensitive times and any time thereafter, you can put your trust in the Blue Door Inn. We guarantee you will find your stay with us comfortable, pleasant and worry-free. Contact us today to learn more about offers, discounts and special rates being offered when booking directly with us! Call us now 970-586-4421.