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Safe Vacation in Estes Park

How the Blue Door Inn Keeps you Safe

As the COVID-19 pandemic concerns continue in the short and long term the Blue Door Inn has taken extraordinary measures to ensure a safe vacation in Estes Park. We call it the Blue Door Inn Safe-Cation ( safecation ... get it?).

The owners and staff at the Blue Door Inn have gone a Step Beyond Ordinary to ensure that we offer one of the best options available when considering a sanitized hotel (motel, lodge, or inn) in Estes Park. Our journey toward sanitization and cleanliness started when we first opened in 2017 and has most recently been enhanced, going to measures we had not anticipated before! How could we do a better job and offer the safe rooms in Estes Park travelers are looking for? We started by contacting local hospitals to determine the procedure, equipment and disinfectants they use to sanitize their rooms. With the experience of the hospital industry, and then the CDC, NIH, health publications and our own research guiding us we implemented a robust program to ensure your further safety. We sincerely hope you will be impressed with what we have now implemented. We can proudly offer you a 'Safe-Cation'!

From Check-In to check out you are safe from virus concerns (and a whole lot more) during your safe vacation in Estes Park.

Contact-Free Check-In

We now offer several check-in options, including curbside, safe-distance, and call ahead pre check-in, with every hotel key individually sanitized when you receive it.

Exterior Room Entrances and Exits

Some hotels have small interior hallways, where guests are at more risk sharing air space with prior guests. The Blue Door Inn has exterior entrances to our rooms, meaning no hallways to share with other guests, giving you more peace of mind. Our layout is designed in a way that naturally promotes social distancing during your safe vacation in Estes Park.

Sanitization Efforts ( the surfaces we touch )

Our staff have sanitized every contact surface in your hotel rooms before you arrive and of course sanitize all public contact areas around the property with hospital-grade disinfectant. Afterward, as an additional precaution, we then use electrostatic spray technology and hospital grade, safe, odorless, disinfectant, which ensures sanitization of all surfaces. The hot tub and pool area are routinely disinfected and safe distancing is practiced in all communal areas. Our outdoor campfire and live entertainment area is carefully monitored to ensure the safety of all of our guests. Read in detail our incredible electrostatic spray sanitization procedures here: hyperlink to Electrostatic page

Air Safety (the air we breathe) HEPA Filtration and Air Exchange

The coronavirus is a respiratory virus, transmitted through human contact and the air we breathe. Masks protect others from our breath, nothing more. The Blue Door Inn manages the air you breathe as well! Our rooms are 'aired out' before our employees enter, for their safety, but let me tell you what we do for your safety! We employ commercial HEPA Filtration machines designed to provide 1 - 2 complete air exchanges in your room before you arrive. Furthermore, the air that is exchanged is 99.97% filtered before you enter your room. Does the HEPA filtration eliminate the 'virus'. The answer is yes. Read all about the scientific study making this clear here:

Free Continental Breakfast from the Comfort of Your Hotel Room

We understand the importance of maintaining safe air space and distance from other guests so we pulled out the stops and decided to offer everyone a safe option. Let us bring to breakfast to your sanitized hotel room in Estes Park! You may order your breakfast from our limited but healthy menu and we will deliver it right to your room, or if you prefer a contact free pick-up, you may at your convenience find your breakfast order ready for you right outside our lobby.

Linens that don't put you at risk

Studies are very clear about the very limited possibility of catching a virus from linens or contact surfaces that have been properly sanitized. But who wants to take a chance? We go a Step Beyond Ordinary to make you feel comfortable and safe, as all of the linens, sheets, towels and covers on your bed are washed and sanitized before every stay! We do not have comforters or bed scarves or duvets that typically don't get laundered daily in other hotels, rather our triple-sheet bed dress ensures you have perfectly clean and sanitary beds. The Points Guy offers the following advice about comforters regarding safe travel:

Ditch the comforter

(Photo by Intl St Clair/Getty Images)

The Blue Door In doesn't have comforters! Check out our room pictures.

Social Distancing and Masks

Social distancing is the 'new normal' for everyone. The staff at the Blue Door Inn take this new normal seriously, which is why we wear masks when in proximity of any guest and provide a plexiglass shield in front of our front desk. COVID-19 has made us all wary, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy your summer travels! If you are looking for sanitized hotel rooms in Estes Park, contact the Blue Door Inn to learn about our availability and our approach to keeping guests safe during this uncertain time.