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Our Safe-Cation Protection Plan

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Safe-Cation Protection Plan: We are using the latest technology, with highly trained staff, to offer sanitized hotel rooms in Estes Park and to ensure were one of the safe hotels in Estes Park for your stay during your trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.

We have anticipated the concerns of wary travelers due to the virus and have prepared for you a comfortable, affordable and beyond all else, a sanitary place to stay.

The Blue Door Inn would like to welcome you to our Safe-Cation concept as you consider where to stay during your trip. Ranked #2 on Tripadvisor, we already have a strong reputation for cleanliness but for your safety and peace of mind we have introduced a completely new level of care for our guests!

Safe-Distance Check-In: What would you prefer? Curbside check-in? Safe-Distance lobby check-in? Or precheck-in by calling ahead and then pick up your sanitized room key upon arrival?

Exterior Corridors: You access your room surrounded only by the fresh air of the great mountain outdoors.

Continental Breakfast: For your convenience and safety let us bring your breakfast to you! Order what you would like from our simple continental breakfast menu and we will have it available for safe-distance pick-up or delivered on a tray directly to your door. 7am 10am daily.

Sanitized Rooms = Safe Rooms: The Blue Door Inn has taken concern for your safety a Step Beyond Ordinary. Our rooms are sanitized and the air in our rooms is HEPA H13 filtered!

1) Electrostatic Spray Technology allows us to sanitize all room contact surfaces, before and after your stay. Electrostatic sprayers put a charge on the particles emitted by the spray nozzle. Once charged these particles are statically attracted to the surface of anything in proximity of the spray. The particles cling to all sides of surfaces sprayed, ensuring every area is sanitized. Using hospital grade disinfectant (EPA approved and CDC recommended) all rooms and public areas are sanitized. We are proud to offer a safe hotel, a safe place to stay in Estes Park. The food grade chemical we use provides sanitization without any odor or surface residue!

2) Air exchange: We understand the importance of keeping the air we breathe fresh. Our exterior corridors get you to your rooms safely. All rooms are aired out (with windows on both sides of the room for wonderful air flow). Our lobby is limited to one guest/travel members at a time and with large open-air windows we provide constant air exchange. But we go a Step Beyond about filtering the air youll breathe in your room.?

3) HEPA H13 Filtration: After airing out our rooms we then filter the air using hospital grade HEPA filter units. Placed in the room, these filters can completely remove virus or other contaminants from the air in 15 minutes or less. You do not have to worry about who was in the room before you! We have sanitized rooms but perhaps more importantly we have filtered the air for your safety as well. Information about this technology, adequate to remove the Covid 19 Virus, can be found here:

4) Sanitized Bedding, Linens and Towels: It is commonly understood that contracting the Covid 19 virus through fabric of any kind is extremely unlikely, but why take any chances? All linens, towels and exposed bedding are washed before your arrival with hi-temperature wash cycles along with non-scented detergents that ensure the safety of the bed you sleep in; the towels you use. We use triple sheets rather than comforters so that the surface of the bed is guaranteed to be clean and safe.

5) Housekeeping: Housekeepers sanitize all contact surfaces including TV remotes, door handles, light switches, counter tops etc. using safe, hospital grade disinfectant, by hand. After cleaning and hand sanitizing, the entire room is then electrostatically spray-sanitized.

6) Protected Amenities: Public amenities will always be disinfected daily and after scheduled use. We offer limited access and safe distancing to our Hot Tub, Swimming Pool, and nightly Campfire (with live entertainment) and all activity areas will be enforced to ensure adequate Social Distancing and public safety.

Safe-Cation: We are using the latest technology, with highly trained staff, to offer sanitized hotel rooms in Estes Park and to ensure were one of the safe hotels in Estes Park youll want to stay at during your trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Front Desk: All Check-Ins and Check-Outs are done remotely, curbside, or if you prefer at the Front Desk while practicing safe distancing, mask protection and a plexiglass safety shield.

Staffing: All staff practice social distancing. We take it seriously. For now, social distancing is the new normal for the Blue Door Inn. For guest and employee safety, masks are worn when in proximity of any other person.

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