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Estes Park Hotel

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Information You Need to Know

Make sure you read our fine print in big letters!

As an independent motel in Estes Park, The Blue Door Inn avoids unnecessary rules and delivers the best lodging experience for its customers. Just read about our accommodations and cheap hotel rates to understand why we stand out. However, we do abide by a few simple policies to make sure all guests have a great vacation in Estes Park. If you have any questions about the information below, feel free to reach out to us!

Hours and Other Stuff

Check-in: 4:00pm; Check out: by 11:00am

Lobby Hours: 7:00am to 10:00pm

Quiet Time (sshhh!) Hotel quiet hours start at 10:00pm for the benefit of all our guests' comfort. Please be quiet in Estes Park hotel rooms and across motel property.

FREE continental breakfast: Complimentary continental breakfast available 7:00am to 10:00am.

No Pets: In keeping with our goal of having rooms allergy free, pets are not allowed.

No smoking: As a non-smoking hotel in Estes Park, The Blue Door Inn only allows smoking in outside designated area. If we detect smoking in any of our rooms, a $200 fee will be charged.

Cancellations and Early Departures

Guests must contact us with cancellations by 3PM MST at 48 hours before they stay with us. If we dont hear about a cancellation by then, guests will be subject to full charges for one night per room reserved.

Reservations made through a third-party website should be canceled through the original site. Guests should obtain a cancellation number.

For cancellations on reservations made through our Estes Park motel, call us at (970) 586-4421.

Early departures: Guests who leave without 48 hours notice will be charged for their room in full.

Payments and Charges

Debit cards: Before you book, understand that some debit card companies may treat an authorization deposit as a charge. These funds might not be released for several days, so contact your bank if you experience any problems.

Reservations are not valid if a guest uses an invalid or expired credit card. Avoid cancellations by contacting us with a new card number if the previous card expires, is lost, or is stolen.

Credit card check-in procedure: When guests check in, the credit card on file is authorized for room charges, as well as a $150 deposit to cover damages or incidentals.