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Estes Park Hotel

Restaurants in Estes Park

A Variety of Options


Home to a variety of dining options, the Estes Park restaurant and dining scene is sure to please even the pickiest eaters. A wide range of visitors each year means an expanded selection of options, from upscale fine dining to fast casual meals. While Estes Park does tend to cater to those who love a good steak, there are plenty of plant-based spots, juice bars, and lighter fare too.

Upscale Eating in Estes Park

When youre searching for award-winning, romantic, or handcrafted cuisine, the restaurants in Estes Park don't disappoint. This beautiful mountain town has attracted the finest chefs, eager to work with fresh and local ingredients. Some favorite Estes Park restaurants and fine dining options include the Twin Owls steakhouse, the Table restaurant at the Stanley Hotel, The View restaurant at the Historic Crags Lodge, and Seasoned- An American Bistro. Whether youre in the mood for fresh fish, filet mignon, finely-aged wine, or sumptuous dessert, weve got you covered with plenty of fine dining in Estes Park.

Quick/Cheap Eats in Estes Park

Because Estes Park plays host to many travelers and adventure enthusiasts, it offers plenty of quick and easy meal options. When you dont want to spend a lot of time or money and youre eager to get to the days activities, you can stop in at a variety of healthy and delicious local eateries. Local cheap eats include Peppers Mexican Grill, Boss Burgers, Mountain Munchies, Shakes Alive, and lots more! You can grab a juicy burger and fries, chow down on an enchilada, or snag a quick smoothie before going shopping, heading to the hiking trails, or embarking on a scenic drive.

Breakfast Options in Estes Park

No matter how you like to start your day, youre sure to find a great breakfast spot in this Colorado mountain town. Choose from dozens of coffee shops, bakeries, juice bars, and smoothie stops to help you get your morning going! Want fresh, local donuts? Check out the Donut Haus. Just need a cup of joe? Swing by Ravens Roast or Kind Coffee. Want to sit down and savor a hearty breakfast with the family? Come visit Notchtop or Mountain Home Cafe. Breakfast is one of the things we do best here in Estes Park, whether you need something quick and simple, or sweet and leisurely!

And when you're not wanting to head out for breakfast, the Blue Door Inn offers a complimentary breakfast in Estes Park for all our lovely guests! Discover our commitment to your personal convenience and comfort.